Magnesium Turntable Sheet for Record

Product no. STS-2
Product Name: Magnesium Turntable Sheet for Record
Size: 290(Diameter)×5mm
Direct selling price: 240

Even STS-1 is of better quality than products elsewhere that are 30 times the price.

When we started to make it, it was for improving sound quality of head phone and ear phone; however, as a result the most effective one is pasting it to the top of the shell of the record.

This part is influenced for the worse in audio products. Pasting something for here at a pin point is the most effective solution.
As for D-Ren mini H is an exactly top-grade product and also top-grade product for improving analog-sound quality.
As for E type, past it in two-places as long as it’s on the tonearm.
As for H type, this has two pieces, so past rest of one to metallic tip like arm base of arm.

If you’d like to know about our spec, please refer to the list of earphone and headphone.